Sewing Machines

The memories come flooding back with a beautifully presented treadle sewing machine.

Brendan Noble’s can bring new life to Grandma’s treasured machine.

Veneer lifting, polish gone, decals and cabinetry looking a bit sad, frame looking a bit worse for wear? Don’t worry, now you can have these lovely collector’s items returned to being an eye catching addition to your home.

We not only repair the cabinetry, but we can also breathe new life into your sewing machine too. All machines are cleaned and serviced, the decals repainted by hand, and chromed parts are re-chromed too.

So,... you choose! - tell us whether you want just the cabinet restored, or the whole machine brought back to original condition again.

Sewing machines are our speciality, especially Singer, White, and Wurstheim models.

Email some digital photos to and we will advise you on price and the best way to achieve a beautiful and perhaps - useful sewing machine once again